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Mitt Romney Is A Shameless Liar

“And in return, I shall lie directly to your face.”

When you wake up in the morning, there are two things that you can absolutely bank on: the sun will rise in the East, and Mitt Romney will shamelessly lie about anything and everything. Pick a subject, any subject, and you will be able to find scores of lies and falsehoods from Willard Mittens Romney in his craven pursuit of The White House.

What makes the shameless and serial lying of Mittens so special is his acknowledgement, and subsequent blatant disregard, of the fact that he is engaged in a crass display of pandering to the worst elements of human existence. The team assembled by Mittens shows not a smidgen of care for the fact that they are employed on a crusade of egregious untruths.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s first ad of the 2012 presidential campaign quotes President Obama out of context in what the Romney campaign is calling a deliberate attempt to show that Mr. Obama “doesn’t want to talk about the economy.”

In the ad, which goes up Tuesday in New Hampshire, Mr. Obama is heard saying “if we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.”

But when Mr. Obama made that statement, he was actually quoting an aide to John McCain, his 2008 rival for the presidency. “Senator McCain’s campaign actually said, and I quote, if we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose,” Mr. Obama said.

“We used that quote intentionally to show that President Obama is doing exactly what he criticized McCain of doing four years ago,” said Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom. “Obama doesn’t want to talk about the economy because of his failed record.”

When pressed further about the inherent absurdity of their initial explanation, Romney senior New Hampshire adviser Tom Rath was reduced to telling CBS News, “He did say the words. That’s his voice.”

But you would expect Mittens to lie frequently and flagrantly about President Obama’s record; ’tis the nature of the beast he is attempting to tame. You have to take a moment to really consider what it means when individuals who worked with Romney during his “moderate” days as Governor of Massachusetts come out and declare that he is a straight up liar. And not just any random individual, mind you, but the man whose ideas were instrumental in the landmark overhaul of health care in Massachusetts, Romney’s only real signature achievement as an elected public official. You know, the legislation that also served as the blueprint for President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (aka “ObamaCare”; aka “The Crown Jewel of Socialism”):

[Jonathan] Gruber said he understands the political motivation for Republicans to be trying to dismantle the bill.

“Look, if this succeeds, then Obama becomes F.D.R. This is the most important social policy accomplishment since the 1960s. And if this succeeds, this could be the kind of benefit to the Democratic Party that Social Security was. So if I was the Republicans, I’d be screaming and kicking and scratching to kill it too, on purely political grounds,” he said.

He credited Mitt Romney for not totally disavowing the Massachusetts bill during his presidential campaign, but said Romney’s attempt to distinguish between Obama’s bill and his own is disingenuous.

“The problem is there is no way to say that,” Gruber said. “Because they’re the same fucking bill. He just can’t have his cake and eat it too. Basically, you know, it’s the same bill. He can try to draw distinctions and stuff, but he’s just lying. The only big difference is he didn’t have to pay for his. Because the federal government paid for it. Where at the federal level, we have to pay for it, so we have to raise taxes.”

And suddenly, you realize that if Mittens is lying about one signature achievement, he surely can be lying about others. Perhaps even the number of jobs he created while working at his beloved, Bain Capital. At a September 2011 debate at the Ronald Reagan presidential library, Romney stated:

“We added tens of thousands of jobs through the businesses we helped support. That experience — succeeding, failing, competing around the world — is what gives me the capacity to help get this economy going again.”

By January 3, 2012, the number skyrocketed to six figures, with Mittens crowing about his success on Fox News:

“And I’m very happy in my former life; we helped create over 100,000 new jobs. By the way, we created more jobs in Massachusetts than this president’s created in the entire country. So if the president wants to talk about jobs, and I hope he does, we’ll be comparing my record with his record and he comes up very, very short.”

By January 13, 2012, the number plummeted to “thousands of jobs” in a campaign ad Romney released in South Carolina.

The point here is that it is irresponsible not to ask how the number of jobs created by the accomplishment that defines why a person is running for President of the United States could so wildly fluctuate in 10 days.

Because if that person is now on record as lying about the two achievements that distinguish their merit to attain the office of Leader of the Free World, then it only makes sense that they would run away from the truth that their tax plan is an open buffet for robber barons.

Or that he would say with a straight face:

“We’ve got a president in office three years, and he does not have a jobs plan yet. I’ve got one out there already and I’m not even president, yet.”

It only makes sense that he could claim,

“the Massachusetts Pro-Life Family Association supported my record as governor, endorsed my record as governor,”

when in fact, he forcefully rejected their endorsement while running for governor in 2002.

And the only reason it makes sense is that Mitt Romney believes you aren’t paying attention while he plays you like a fool.

“So we went to the company, and we said, ‘Look, you can’t have any illegals working on our property. I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake! I can’t have illegals!'”

This is how Mitt Romney views the world. Never forget that.

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